5 Ways for Busy Parents to Lose Weight

5 Ways for Busy Parents to Lose Weight

Your kids needs a fraction of your time. Your boss needs some too. You have to sleep for the doctor-recommended threshold of 7 hours. And the list of duties, responsibilities and obligations continues.


Life has gotten too busy to create even a few seconds for yourself. And now I hear you saying something along the lines of, “if losing weight was already an uphill battle before I had kids, what about now?” You’re stuck. You don’t have an idea of what to do next.


Well, I’m here to help you out. Just do yourself this favor: make sure that you pour over this godsend article to the end and I bet you’ll find me later just to say “thanks.”

It doesn’t have to be that whenever you step on the scale, you realize a decrease in weight. I know it really disappoints and can be disappointing. See, I’m also a parent and that’s exactly what I used to go through.


The methods of losing weight for busy parents that I’m about to present, are ones that have worked for me and my friends, so there’s no doubt they’ll work for you too. Just make sure that you follow the prompts under each hack and it’s a guarantee that you’ll love the results!

1. First, Plan.

When time is too limited, planning is the solution. And, believe me, planning isn’t just a cute pre-weight loss activity, but it is a vital part of the entire weight loss process. Also, planning isn’t just as simple as it sounds. It needs a lot of your knowledge on what to plan for.

Start with planning on what you chow down on. Don’t wait until it’s lunch time to start thinking about what you should eat. You might just end up eating the high-calorie ready foods from the shop because you are simply competing with time. When you plan early, you’re able to select healthy foods that do not pile up weight on your body.

Secondly, plan on the amount of weight you should lose within some fixed period of time. Also, make it realistic. For example, losing 35 pounds in a month is unrealistic and could sabotage your potential. The amount of weight to lose in a given period of time should be both achievable and realistic. Think about that.

Also, don’t forget to plan for workouts. When you organize your duties well, you’ll certainly find 5-10 minutes for exercise.

Remember: Don’t plan without doing!

2. Eat Breakfast.

I’m not mistaken, you just read it right.

To begin with, it’s worthy of a note that one of the importance of breakfast is to help us focus for the hours ahead. Usually, you take breakfast in the morning and come noon, you feel the urge of settling down for lunch ~ you’re hungry again. Then? You get down and eat more calories for lunch, and for supper in the evening meals. That shouldn’t be a weight loser’s diet pals. Instead, do this:

Settle down for a meal in the morning, especially one that’s rich in proteins. Then what happens? You get full and the proteins, with their hunger cravings alleviation effects, won’t let you feel like you want to take any more at lunch. This doesn’t even need an extra time to dedicate, just a change in what to take in the morning. When you don’t have cravings of hunger later in the day, you’re reducing the number of calories you take and you’ve got more time to burn the calories you took in the morning. This worked for me.
3. Go Old School With “Cleaning” Your Kids’ Plates.

I do not mean that there won’t be cleaning of plates going on after meals. No! This is what I mean, especially for moms: don’t eat up what the kids couldn’t finish. Just eat with them and when the meals are over, keep the rest for next time. Don’t throw food away too, that’s a big sin! Instead, if you don’t want to keep it, give it to someone who needs it.

When I say this, you will think that it has a negligible impact on the number of calories you eat along. Look, the results have been proved to be very effective on adding to your weight. Just avoid it if it has been your habit.

4. Walk The Weight Away.

Don’t walk away from the measures of losing weight, walk more to lose weight. That’s what I mean. If you’re leaving for your office in the morning, leave the house early and walk to the office. If the distance is quite long, you can do it 50-50 ~ walk half the distance and use a bike for the remaining distance.

Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that has far-reaching effects on those extra pounds. Walking to your office in the morning doesn’t take much, just leaving the house early. You can take it to another level by jogging or running occasionally, but take care not to sweat much (you’re going to the office).

5. Snore Away The Weight.

Scientists have proved the magical effects of getting enough slumber on weight loss. When you sleep, you recollect and regain energy as a result. You also reduce stress (stress adds weight to your body in a chain of biological processes. Likewise, there’s proof that getting quality sleep can help one to burn fat. As simple as sleeping is, it’ll help you lose weight in the ways highlighted above, and more.

However, getting the good time to sleep might be difficult with kids by your side. So? Do this: it doesn’t have to be at night. Sleep even during the day. In fact, sleep when you have the time, but remember yo have limits.

Remember: Don’t sleep in the office!

Bottom Line.

Look, we parents are always busy and getting enough time to plan and execute weight loss measures is just another hard task. Above are tips that will let you lose weight by just making a few tweaks to your lifestyle. No struggles! My part is done. So make sure that you do your part ~ execute the plan, and, I repeat, you’ll find me just to say “thanks”. Good luck!


Author bio:

My name is David Hoang. I’m the owner of SupplementSuperhero.com, where we talk about a variety of health topics mainly centered around weight loss, supplement reviews, and concepts to help you get the kind of health and body you desire!