How to Lose Weight in 5 Days with Exercise at Home

How to Lose Weight in 5 Days with Exercise at Home
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Nobody likes the extra fat in tummy, thighs or muscles. Everyone wants to be in shape and cut off extra fat but it is also true that people don’t have time to go gym or they are not willing to pay fees to gym. We all want to lose weight at home but the question is how. Here you will know about how to lose weight in 5 days with exercise at home by some exercises which can be performed easily at home. Now you don’t have spent money or hours in gym. Sometimes you don’t have your companions or friend with you which makes working out in gym boring but with these exercises can be done easily and alone at home. These exercises are much better than cutting calories or following a specific diet plan as days passes people start eating their daily food again. So we do not get good results.

Some Exercises for Losing Weight in 5 Days at Home:

Bicycle with Crunches:

  • Everyone who wants to look slimmer wants not only flat stomach but killer abs too. A bicycle crunch is an exercise which will work converting your fat tummy into killer abs.
  • This exercise can be performed easily at home.
  • Simply lie down facing upwards and put hands behind your head.
  • Move knee of left leg near your chest.
  • Move right elbow to touch it.
  • Repeat this step for other side also.

Pull Ups:

  • You had seen mostly people doing this exercise in gym or park.
  • It can also be performed at home with the help of pull up bar.
  • Hold the bar with your both hands and hang straight.
  • Pull your body upwards with the help of hands and meet your chest to bar.
  • Now slowly hang again to normal position.
  • It helps in losing weight of arms, biceps.

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  • These are considered the basic of every exercise.
  • Mostly every teenager performs pushups in home whether he goes to gym or not.
  • Pushups affect our chest, biceps and triceps and helps in making muscles toned.
  • Various pushups are available for targeting different parts of body.

Running on the Spot:

    • Running is one of the simplest exercise any when you have to run on one place without going forward or backward it becomes more simple.
    • It targets your calves, thighs, shoulders and arms. It also helps to heart work more efficiently.
  • The more you run the more you fast burn calories and lose weight.
  • You can simply run in your home at a spot. It is a part of cardiovascular exercise.


High Intensity Workout:

  • High intensity workout is the fastest way to lose weight.
  • It is more difficult than moderate intensity workout.

Above are some simple exercises which tell you how to lose weight in 5 days with exercise at home. You can perform these exercises simply at home.

CONCLUSION: Everyone wants to lose extra fat and stay in shape and fit without spending money or hours in gym by simply doing exercises at home so we told you some exercises which will help you.

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