Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure

Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure
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When he heard about high blood pressure, salt also comes in our mind. As we had heard or read that taking excess salt is also related to having high blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure also get recommended by doctors to reduce their salt consumption. Why it comes in our mind when we talk about high blood pressure. Is there any link between salt and high blood pressure? What is that link? How they are related to each other? We can also say high blood pressure to hypertension. Excess salt affects our kidneys.

We will tell how salt and blood pressure are related to each other and what is the effect of excess salt on us?

How Salt Affects Us or Its Link Between Salt and Blood Pressure:

  • Salt is made up of sodium and chloride. Salt shows its different effect on different person. Some are very sensitive to salt. Many individuals don’t have any effect on their blood pressure due to salt.
  • But normally according to doctors if we take excessive salt the water in body also increases which mixes with blood and blood volume gets high. Heart has to work hard or take extra pressure due to which blood pressure gets high.
  • Taking excess salt also makes our blood vessels narrow.
  • But it is not necessary that a person suffering with high blood pressure if reduces salt consumption will make his blood pressure normal because sometimes the more salt is present in foods like tomato sauce, chips and other packaged food. Always read the sodium content before consuming any canned or packaged food.
  • So people suffering with high blood pressure should take low sodium food, exercise daily.
  • High blood pressure is a lifelong problem so sometimes you are not able to detect it easily so whether if you are having high blood pressure or not you should stay away from excessive salt as it gives you many other problems too.

Also Read –

  • By taking excessive salt your kidney will have to work more as salt increases water in body so kidney have to filter more fluid. If you are suffering from cardiac, kidney disease or hypertension then salt can make your legs and hands swollen.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure due to family history then consuming salt in limited amount can help you to bringing your blood pressure to normal.
  • Not only it affects your blood pressure but by consuming more salt you also put extra pressure on your arteries.
  • Some signs that your kidneys are also getting damaged are tiredness without any reason; difficulty in sleeping, skin becoming dry, Lack of desire to eat, area around eyes or feet gets swollen.
  • In many cases changing your lifestyle and exercise does not give benefits so you have to see yourself to doctor and he will recommend you some medicines.

Now it becomes clear to you what the link between salt and high blood pressure and how it affects kidneys, arteries as well.

CONCLUSION: Excess of anything is bad and it is same in the case of salt. Taking salt in excess can lead to high blood pressure as well as damage to kidneys.

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