What are the Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Acne?

What are the Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Acne
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We all have problems with our skin. Acne is the main problem for all. Acne has been a problem ever since. Most of us share this same problem. Having acne can lower our self-confidence. This happens when an early acne breakout is developing in a teenager.

Having a flawless skin is essential for our everyday lives. For example, you have a job interview. It is hard to face people with acne breakout. Instead of focusing on you alone, they will look at your acne instead. This is important because some jobs may require face to face with clients.

First of All, Why Do We Have Acne?

We Have Acne Because of Different Reasons. What Are These Reasons?

  • Genetics – Hereditary in acne can be a factor. A member of your family perhaps has been struggling with acne. It can be that someone in the line of your family is suffering from severe acne. The person could be your aunt or uncle. The person could also be your mother or father.
  • Stress – Acne due to stress has been a study for some time now. They are not sure if stress is a reason for having acne. This can be because when you are stressed, you tend to scratch your face with your dirty nails. This makes sense, right?
  • Menstrual Cycle – This thing is true. Why? This is because of the hormonal imbalance. This is where the estrogen and progesterone levels in our body are rapidly decreasing. When this happens, a high amount of sebum is released resulting to acne breakout.
  • Hot and humid weather – When it is hot, your pores will loosen a bit resulting in enlarged pores. When you have large pores, many bacteria will come inside. The bacteria inside your pores will then cause acne. Another reason is when you sweat. Bacteria forms in sweats.
  • Dry weather – This weather is where your skin will be irritated. When your skin is dry, your skin will be more prone to bacteria. Why is that? It is because of the breaking of the cell. The bacteria will enter your skin easily causing the acne to break out.
  • Cold weather – When you think that you are free from acne because of cold weather, think again. As mentioned before, when your skin is dry bacteria can penetrate your skin easily.
  • Bad hygiene – Some people are guilty of this. People are busy nowadays. Sometimes they tend to forget to wash their face before going to bed. The deep-seated dirt will now cause the acne to break out.

Now that we know the causes of acne break out let us discuss the benefits of using tea tree oil that can save the day.

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What Is Tea Tree Oil?

This tea tree oil is known for having many health benefits. You can cure skin diseases with this oil. Tea tree oil is a common ingredient for our favorite products. Examples are deodorant, moisturizers, essential oils for massage, feminine wash, and facial toners.

Some people use tea tree oil as an alternative to expensive skin treatments. Tea tree oil is also known for some antiseptic factors. That is why this ingredient is no doubt essential to every family.

The Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil

  • Antifungal and Antibacterial – Tea tree oil contains these two ingredients. These ingredients are known for antibacterial compounds that can help the acne to lessen the swelling. Some people say that this is more effective than benzoyl peroxide.
  • Moisturizes your skin naturally – When you use moisturizer, there will be a tendency that it might trigger the acne break out. It is safe to use products that contains tea tree oil when you are dealing with acne.
  • Antiseptic – When you can’t resist to scratch your acne, this can cause open wounds. Having an open wound will cause your face to be more prone to bacteria. When this happens, your acne will multiply. This will complicate your situation more.
  • Unblocks clogged pores – Tea tree oil is a powerful substance. You have to put a right amount of tea tree oil onto your face. After that, massage your face in circular motion. This will help you clean your pores by unclogging them.
  • Removes unnecessary oils – Having an oily face is a problem. When you have an oily face, your pores will become larger. When your pores are large, bacteria can enter your pores and can cause acne break out. Applying tea tree oil can help you wipe off excess oils.

I keep saying that it is best to apply just the right amount of tea tree oil. Too much of something may cause unpleasant side effects. This is a very important matter to remember.

Be careful in choosing a brand of tea tree oil. Many people sell fake tea tree oil online. You have to check the authenticity of the item. You have to get more information before using the product.

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