Write for Us

If we look on global market, then we can see that today the entire market is now depends on the internet platform because internet make super easy to connect with the entire people for a particular community. Write for us is also doing same thing, we works to make popular to other website by submitting the genuine and informative articles. Recently, we are focusing only on health community. So, we require some article which must be write on the topic of nutrition, Fitness, wellness, holistic health and medical blog and some else.

Our project

Write for us is globally inviting of those people who can write some articles on the topic of health and fitness as a guest contributor. We only want only those people as a guest contributor who are quite dedicating in this sector and has the superb abilities to write the best quality informative articles. We understand that this is a most specific and very good chance to be popular in this sector. Here you can easily enhance your writing skills.

Guidelines for guest contributors

We are now listing some quick guidelines here, so whenever you will prepare any article for write for us then you have to follow these steps and guidelines. These guidelines will help you to make those kinds of article that what we actually want. Try to focus on these steps: –

  • Word Limitations

There is one limitation of words in the article and that is you have to prepare every article for at least 1000 words. You are not allowed to write your articles below the 1000 words.

  • Article must free from plagiarism content

We only consider only those articles which are written by your own skills and do not copy from anywhere.  Every article should be free from plagiarism content and that must be 100% unique.

  • Give one Meta description

Whenever you mail any article to write for us then you should give a Meta description which should be written for 160 characters with spaces. It is necessary for every individual article.

  • Add at least 4 images

We understand that article can become more enhance if you add 4-5 images in the article which is relevant to that topic. It makes your article easy to understand and impressive too.

  • 1 Videos

Video is also good for any article because it works to make the article detailed and exclusive. So, you can add one video in the article but that video should be relevant to topic.

  • Avoid to add any robotic contents

Whenever you prepare any article then keep in your mind that every article should be free from any kind of robotic or spam contents. It can create the problems in next process. So before publishing your article i’ll check in copyscape tool if found plagiarize content we will reject your content.

  • Make every article readable

Try to make every article that should be readable for everyone in the audience. You can give a impressive shape and arrangement to the article and use some bullet point but you should avoid to insert any type of obscene or adult content in the article.

  • Give Author Bio

If you want to write any content as a author bio then you are allowed to it. We would really appreciate if anybody will make contact with the write of article. But it should be short and attractive.

  • Add one link

If you want to share the article from the other social networking website then you are completely permitted but you have to follow a condition and that is you have to add a link of our website.

Final steps

Entire requirements and guidelines which is issued by the write for us is given here so if you want to be a guest contributor of write for us then don’t take too much time. Make hurry to get in touch with us and grow your future possibilities. There is no doubt that this is a best chance to enhance your writing skill and boost of future opportunities. We only want to say that write for us will become really happy if you will become successful in the future.

So, if you want to be guest contributor for write for us then you can make contact to us.

Once your article ready you will contact me by email – [email protected]